Is super-sealing paving really necessary?

wet paver sealer

Sleek and slick, you wonder if this is a good idea. Is it a good idea to have paving that never loses its wet sheen after a few hours of rain? It has to be quite slippery out there while wet. And for any pedestrians to be walking across such wet paving has to be dangerous. No fault of your own because if it must rain, who is going to stop the rain from falling. But unfortunately, Mother Nature does not care two hoots about the potential for liability claims in your own backyard. And then when the rain has finally gone, the sun is out shining, somehow the misery continues, sometimes for days on end.

Now the water may have seeped away (finally!) and it is at least passable enough to walk across the paving but the stones are looking rather grim and damp. And if it stays that way, things start to grow out of it; like moss and weeds. It is not a pretty sight, oh, not at all. A wet paver sealer, however, might just seal the trick. The sealer could help prevent rain from collecting in puddles over the stones.

But to get this right, some kind of drainage outlet must still be prepared. You would have thought that your building contractor would have thought of that. Anyhow, it is what you have got. You can do two things. You can rip those stones out and start anew. But apart from sitting with mud and muck for days at least, isn’t this renewal project going to be a bit extravagant and extreme? No need to go to irrational extremes, just get the paver sealer on already. Another consideration could be a nice lick of coating.