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Humbucker were formed in 1998 by four guys who wanted to create a band that did not stand still on stage. The beginning saw the band as a cover band. Playing classics by AC/DC, Motorhead, The Rods, The Beatles and many more, the band build a steady following in their neighbourhood area. In 2000 the band had five original songs and made a demo that did not do any good for the band. In 2002, due to difficulties combining their day jobs with the rocking, the band called it a day and took a "vacation" that lasted until 2010!
Someone then asked if they would get back together for a comeback show and the boys did.
After a couple of more shows, sounding better than ever and with requests from friends and fans when they would record an album, late 2010 the band decided it was time to do so and started to plan the project. What could be done to make a record cooler than anyone elses? The band decided to hire better people to take care of the different aspects of it and they also decided that it was time to get a frontman. Until now the boys had split the lead vocal duties within the band with Vidar doing the main part, but they realized that they were musicians, not singers. They needed to improve their vocal performances. They recruted the local Jan Anders Bøen to be their new singer. They had known Jan for some years so it was not too difficult to decide. Jan has lifted the band a great deal with his genuine rock appeal and is as big part of the bands success as anyone else. The guys did not want to make a record just for the sake of it. It had to be good...really good and with Jan, Humbucker was completed and had now the perfect line-up to make the record as good as they wanted.
They headed into the studio in may 2011 and started recording their debut album "R.O.C.K.S". The band re-recorded the five old songs from the first demo and added five brand new songs for the record. No outside writers. All ten songs was written within the band.
Wanting tomake a record the way records should be made, the band hired engineer and producer Thomas Wang to take care of the recordings. Thomas works at Urban Sound Studios in Oslo-Norway and this is one of the finest recording studios in the country. Starting out with wanting to make something special, the guys hired legendary US producer Beau Hill (Warrant, Winger, Ratt, Alice Cooper etc...) to mix and master the record. They wanted to make a record they could truly say was "value for the buck" rather than just record something at home and the band followed up by hiring UK graphic artist Hugh Gilmour (Whitesnake, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep etc...) to take care of the cover and booklet. After finishing the latest Whitesnake album, Hugh took on the project and gave the band everything they wanted! "The package" was now completed with a second to none sounding CD and a full 20 page booklet! The "Value for the buck" task was done! Released on their own label, Humbucker Records, the album was released in Norway on august 25th 2011 and world wide in two opperations: On august 30th 2012 distributed by Germany-based Musicbuymail and on december 4th 2012 distributed by US-based Perris Records. The album is now available world wide from wherever you buy your fine music. The extreme effort and hard work the band put into this project has clearly payed off!

"R.O.C.K.S" has got fantastic, second to none reviews world wide, with critics from Japan and Germany claiming the record to be one of the years`s greatest rockalbums while UK critics says it might be the best norwegian rock record for the last ten years!

:                                                                                                   The second album called `King Of The World` was released on April 10th 2014 worldwide. The boys threw a big releaseparty to support the Norwegian release on February 15th at legendary rock bar John Dee in Oslo. `King Of The World` was recorded at Stargate Studios in Trondheim-Norway and co-produced by Hallgeir Rustan, one of Norway`s most decorated producers, famed for his work with Elton John, Cher, Sissel Kyrkjebø and Stage Dolls. The cover was made by one of the greatest photoshop artists in Europe, the acclaimed Ludovic Cordelières of Rusalkadesign.
Mixed and mastered by legendary US producer Beau Hill once again while the package design was handled by Hugh Gilmour in the UK. The album has allready got awesome reviews, with several claiming that it`s allready (April 2014) a Top 5 album of the year! (See the reviews-section on top of the page for more details). If you liked `R.O.C.K.S` you`ll love the new album! Containing twelve songs, ten brand new original tracks, along with two bonus tracks: `Wine, Women An` Song` - (originally recorded by Whitesnake) and the band`s own hit `Strongman`(only being available as digital download so far), it`s an album that pretty much sums up Humbucker`s intention: Value for the buck! The album also gave the band a five year long term record deal with Hells Bells Records in Norway. The label is run by Tylden & Co, one of Norway`s best experienced and well driven company. The band are very happy and humble to get this deal! 
In October 2014, the band went on their first European tour as `Special Guests` for Canadian legends HELIX! The guys had a great time and became good friends with everyone in the Helix camp, including their photographer / filmmaker David Cardoso. The tour started on October 9th in Munich, Germany and took the band to Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and ended with a gig in Gjerdrum, Norway on October 25th. The band made a lot of new connections in the business and made a lot of new fans in every place they played! It was a great tour and now as we write 2015, the boys are busy writing material for what is to become their third album, released on Hells Bells Records spring 2016! Imagine that! The goal was to make one album...thanks to everyone out there the third is in the making!! Amazing! The boys want to thank everyone out there for their support so far and for spreading the word!
2015 has not gone by without some problems though...It has been a bit of a struggle for us as Vidar and Jan both decided to leave the band and focus on other things, which we totally respect! We want to thank them both for their effort during this years. It took us some months to find the right replacements, but we are very happy and thrilled to announce our two new members: Martin Steene on lead vocals and Jens Fjelle on guitars. Jens has his home in Notodden, Norway and Martin lives in Skien. Martin is Danish, but he`s been living in Skien, Norway for several years now. You can check out Martin by listening to Danish metal band, Iron Fire and Norwegian rock act Bridgeville! We are very happy with both of them and they work perfect together with the other three. These guys have lifted the band to yet another level! Humbucker is back and ready to rock!!

New official bandpicture 2015! Steene-Dale-Pershaug-Fjelle-Havraas (Photo: Kai Hansen)


Humbucker live 2011 at "Kroa i Bø" - Boe, Norway (Photo: Private)

Humbucker live at Vulkan Arena, Oslo. October 7th 2015. (Photo: Aaste Hammer)                                      Geir Arne Dale, Jens Fjelle, Martin Steene, John Petter Pershaug, Lars Stian Havraas.

Wherever you are, if you want the band to play at a venue near you, just make the owners or the promoters contact the band! No venue is too small nor is no venue too big! Humbucker is represented by Live Wire Booking. To book Humbucker just press the link here:  www.livewirebooking.com

Personal message from the band:

"Cheers to all from Norway and thank you all for the awesome support you have been giving the band so far! We hear many of you say we have made great albums. We appreciate that and that`s really good to hear, cause we think so too, but it ain`t going nowhere without your help out there and we can`t thank you enough for what you have done and still do for us! We highly appreciate the effort from every single one of you and we truly hope to shake hands with as many of you as possible in the future! Many thanks for keep on spreading the word! We depend on it and it`s highly appreciated indeed! From the bottom of our hearts: Thanks to EACH and EVERY ONE of YOU!"
Cheers from Norway!! :-)

Akkerhaugen, Norway: "The home of Humbucker". Population: 4270 (2010). (Photo: Geir Arne Dale)