Measuring Environmental Impact

So many environmental protection laws on the county, state-wide and federal levels have been promulgated by now. But trends continue to show up disturbing results. Companies and responsible stakeholders are simply not measuring up and doing their duty by the legally mandated environmental impact assessments that need to be completed prior to new construction or renovations projects being embarked upon. And yet, responsible property and company owners are taking note of outsourced environmental site assessment wilmington nc exercises.

These are the companies that have acted on their own initiative. They have also come to fully appreciate the positive impact that a clean environment has on their own bottom lines. Fact of the matter is that while there are so many laws and regulations in place today, it remains challenging for the powers that be to police how the environment is being managed. It is only when the damage has been done and worst case scenarios have been breached that responsible stakeholders receive their wakeup calls.

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They receive the shocks of their lives when they are issued with a huge civil suit. This is the kind of lawsuit that tells the tale of the tape. It gives a long and extensive account on how many vulnerable people have had their health and wellbeing negatively impacted by commercial and industrial companies’ lack of due consideration and lack of responsibility. And worse is still to come when the environmental degradation is seen to be believed. It is not smelling very good and it is certainly not a pretty site.

The onus remains with all those in responsible and related positions to carry out their own environmental site assessments in the absence of county, state and federal inspectors who appear to have their hands full right now.